Enable technology and product development. Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics will accomplish its long-term mission of increasing global access to important biologics through strategic technology and product partnerships.

We are proud of the significant work accomplished with our current partners to build a solid technology infrastructure at Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics. We are now actively looking for product partnerships that leverage our strengths for delivering meaningful therapeutics to a global marketplace.  
–Jonathan Zhao


Just and Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics are sisiter companies, sharing the same mission of designing and applying innovative technologies to provide biotherapeutics to a global population.

Just was founded in 2014 in Seattle and has a team of approximately 70 specialists and research engineers. The leadership team has an average of 25 ears of experience in biologics design, process engineering and production of complex biologics. Over the past 30 years, members of the team have facilitated the filing and development of several products and expanded multiple biologics factories.

G-CON Manufacturing

G-CON Manufacturing founded in 2009 designs, produces and installs prefabricated, autonomous cleanroom Pod® . G-CON’s cleanroom Pod® portfolio encompasses a variety of different dimensions and purposes, from laboratory environments to personalized medicine and production process platforms.

Just and G-CON Manufacturing are working together on Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics state of the art biologics facility. In this application, G-CON Pod will be referred to as Pod™, representing the fully equipped processing units capable of running highly intensified bioprocesses. By creating Pod™, we are able to integrate molecular and process technologies into a highly efficient design, achieving low- cost, flexible and deployable manufacturing.


Incorporated in 1974, Temasek is an investment company headquartered in Singapore. Supported by 10 offices internationally, Temasek owns a S$275 billion (US$197 billion, €184 billion, £158 billion, RMB1.35 trillion)* portfolio as at 31 March 2017, mainly in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

Its portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries: financial services; telecommunications, media & technology; transportation & industrials; consumer & real estate; life sciences & agribusiness; as well as energy & resources. Temasek's investment activities are guided by four investment themes and the long term trends they represent: Transforming Economies; Growing Middle Income Populations; Deepening Comparative Advantages; and Emerging Champions.


Founded in 1996, Taikang is a large insurance and financial service conglomerate. The company operates through three main businesses: insurance, asset management and health and elderly care.

Taikang Insurance Group has a number of subsidiaries which include Taikang Life, Taikang Asset, Taikang Pension, Taikang Community, Taikang Health and Tk.cn. Its business scope covers a wide range of fields, such as life insurance, pension, enterprise annuity, online property and casualty insurance, asset management, health and elderly care, health management, commercial real estate and offshore businesses. Taikang has provided services to 185,000,000 customers over the past 20 years. It has been on the Top 500 Enterprises for 13 years.

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