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Leadership Team

Business Management, Integrated Molecule, Process, Products and Plant Design

Jonathan Zhao, PhD | Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jonathan Zhao brings his 17 years’ biopharmaceutical experience in the areas of Strategy Management, Business Development, Product Development and M&A. Dr. Zhao started his pharmaceutical career at Amgen in 1999, then joined Pfizer in 2004 and returned to Amgen in 2012. He was Executive Strategy Director at Global Commercial Operations of Amgen based in Thousand Oaks, California where he was leading the market entry strategy, business development and commercialization of biosimilars in 20 countries outside US and EU. When at Pfizer, he was the Asia Strategy Lead overseeing the Asia strategy across small molecule, biologics and vaccine. He had also served as the interim head of Pfizer’s Bio-enhancement Development Unit during 2009-2010 in charge of the biosimilar and biobetter strategy development and business operation.

Dr. Zhao received his B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Fudan University (Shanghai, China), PhD. magna cum laude in Analytical Chemistry from Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium), and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA). He has contributed more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.

Steve Landau, MD | Chief Development Officer

He has been in the biotechnology field for approximately 20 years. He previously served as Director of Clinical and Scientific Evaluation Department at Healthcare Ventures and held senior managerial positions like Chief Development Officer at multiple innovative new drugs R&D companies. Dr. Landau has established new clinical programs in the areas of gastroenterology, metabolism, inflammation, oncology and central nervous system disorders. Moreover, he successfully facilitated FDA approval of a monoclonal antibody in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Dr. Landau completed his post graduate training at the Beth Israel Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and was Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. Dr. Landau is board certified.

Chris Hwang, PhD | Executive Vice President, Process and Product Development Novel

Chris has 25 years of experience in process development, technology transfer / scale up, manufacturing and regulatory support. As a seasoned expert in leading cutting edge technology/platform development, he has been involved in seven commercial and six mid- and late-stage projects in recombinant protein, monoclonal antibody and gene therapy. He previously worked as Senior Director, Late Stage Process Development and Program Lead for Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing at Genzyme and Sanofi. He holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a PhD in biochemical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jerry Yang, PhD | Senior Vice President, Process and Product Development Biosimilar

Jerry has nearly 30 years of experience in product and process development, scale up/technology transfer, new equipment start, GMP manufacturing and IND/BLA application in the biopharmaceutical industry. He previously Served as Senior Project Engineer and Head of Commercial Production in Merck, Manager of BioProcess Development in Allergan, Scientific Director, Process and Product Development in Amgen.

He has extensive experience in therapeutic antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines and gene therapy. He led and participated in 16 clinical and 7 commercial products. In these projects, he was responsible for leading teams of cell lines, upstream processes, purification, analysis, formulation, manufacturing and the quality of the professional and managing the initiation of commercial facilities and finally got products approved by FDA and the EMEA. He also created the first recombinant protein process platform for Amgen. Over the past three years, Dr. Yang has created a biosimilars company and he has completed developing a product as well as its IND filing in China within two years. He holds a master's degree in Chinese Academy of Sciences and a doctorate from Rutgers University.

Frank Ye, PhD | Senior Vice President, Technical Operation, Head of HJB Facility

With nearly 20 years' experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, Frank has been an expert in pharmaceutical production management, quality research and innovation. He’s familiar with the knowledge and experience of strategic development and implementation of Corporate quality management and cGMP production of clinical and commercial drugs, which makes him a talent to lead the promotion of quality of biopharmaceuticals comprehensively. He is a member of AAPS , ASA , ISPE , PDA , RDPAC.

As the senior vice president of manufacturing of Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics and the head of HJB facility, he is responsible for the design, construction and operation of biopharmaceutical factories, including production operations, engineering design, quality management, supply chain and logistics departments. He has previously worked for Schering-Plow, GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen and many other well-known international pharmaceutical companies and led the work on biopharmaceutical production and quality management.

Wei Zhu, MD | Senior Vice President, Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs

With two decades of global clinical development experience in the pharmaceutical industry specialized in immunology-related therapeutic areas, rheumatology, transplantation and oncology. She was mainly responsible for leading drug development and managing global teams at UCB, Celgene, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Novartis and Schering-Plough. She holds an MS and an MD in Peking Union Medical College.

James Leung, PhD | Executive Vice President, Recombinant Proteins

With over 30 years of experience in biologics development, Dr. Leung is an expert in the manufacturing and commercialization of recombinant protein. Before joining Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics, he worked in the biotechnology industry mainly in the areas of process development, manufacturing and product development of recombinant biotherapeutics. He also serves as advisor or consultant in famous pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies and other research organizations in the US. Dr. Leung holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and an MS and a PhD in biochemical engineering from MIT.

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Albert Zhu | Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Albert has 15 years of experience in the financial field and has worked in the Audit and Trading Consulting department of PWC, providing IPO audits, annual audits, transaction due diligence, post management, transaction integration and other related financial advisory services. Over the past 10 years, he has been responsible for assisting clients to list in mainland China and Hong Kong's capital markets by verifying compliance with the rules of relevant capital market regulation and reporting. In addition, he also participated in a number of M&A consulting projects to assist domestic and foreign clients to carry out due diligence, design trading structure, to ensure smooth transactions, as well as to carry out the integration of the financial sector to improve the clients and the target companies’ financial system and processes. Albert has received his bachelor degree from Sun Yat-sen University and is a member of the CICPA and the ACCA.

Xia Li | Vice President, Public Affairs and Administration

Xia Li worked at Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Huadong Medicine Group Co., Ltd., as secretary of the Communist Youth League, director of the general affair office of the group company, director of the party committee office and director of the supervision office. She was also elected as the 16th and 17th regular committees of the Communist Youth League of Hangzhou, Hangzhou Youth League members, Gongshu District of Hangzhou Youth League members successively. She is mainly engaged in administrative management, human resource, government public affairs, publicity, corporate culture, internal audit supervision and has a wealth of experience in corporate administration. Xia Li graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology.

Chun Li | Executive Director, Business Development and Project Management

Chun Li has 15-year experience in the biotech industry in operation, business development, drug development and abundant working experience in the U.S. and international markets. She previously worked at Amgen, Wellstat Biologics, Kelly Scientific, Epic States, Life Technologies and WuXi Biologics, responsible for Project Management, Business Development and Drug Product & Device Engineering, making her highly experienced in cross-functional cooperations and seeking business opportunities. Chun Li earned her M.S. In Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson School of Management.