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James N. Thomas, Ph.D.

Just, CEO

Victor P. Fung,MBA

Just, Chief Operating Officer

Dean K. Pettit, Ph.D.

Just, Chief Scientific Officer

Jonathan Zhao, Ph.D., MBA

Hangzhou Just, President

Jim is leveraging his extensive experience in biotechnology and scientific leadership to deliver the mission of Just. Over the course of his career, Jim’s passion has been to provide vital medicines to patients, and his vision for Just expands this to include patients worldwide.

Previously, Jim served as vice president of Process and Product Development within the Translational Sciences R&D organization at Amgen. In this role, he led the development and application of all process, analytical and formulation technologies used to manufacture both clinical and commercial large molecule products. Jim was first exposed to biotechnology as a postdoctoral fellow at MIT almost 35 years ago, then worked as a scientist and leader at Genentech, Immunex and Amgen. Over the course of his career, he has contributed to the advancement of many important therapeutics including Activase®, Vectibix®, Enbrel®, Prolia®/Xgeva® and Repatha™. Jim has built teams, departments and functions passionate about creating and using innovative technologies to deliver to the needs of patients. He retired from Amgen in May of 2014 to found Just, and he and his team at Just are continuing this important mission.

As founding partner and COO of Just, Victor brings over 30 years of biotechnology industry experience that includes executive level accountability for biopharmaceutical process development, manufacturing and operations.

Before Just, Victor was accountable for the development and commercialization of Amgen’s biosimilars portfolio. He was also site head for Process and Analytical Sciences in Seattle, Washington and global leader for Pilot Plant Operations and Cellular Resources across three locations during his tenure at Amgen. He managed diverse scientific disciplines such as cell culture process development, purification process development, analytical sciences, pilot plant operations, cell banking, nucleic acid chemistry, bioassay, biosafety and critical reagents. Victor worked at Genentech Inc., Immunex Corporation and Targeted Genetics and has contributed to the commercialization of biopharmaceuticals such as Activase®, Pulmozyme®, Enbrel® and Vectibix®. Victor was called upon to lead technology and business initiatives that transformed how molecules were designed and manufactured. With his leading efforts, he helped  to create process development capabilities for the newly formed Biosimilars business unit within Amgen.

As founding partner and CSO at Just, Dean brings a broad scientific background, and a deep commitment to advancing innovative technologies and challenging the industry to improve worldwide access to protein therapeutics.

Over his career, Dean has held numerous leadership roles in process development functions at Immunex and Amgen, including Drug Delivery, Formulation, Analytical and Formulation Sciences. before Just, Dean served as Executive Director of Drug Substance Development at Amgen, responsible for Cell Culture and Cell Line Development, Purification, Analytical, and Bio-characterization functions. While at Amgen, Dean played a key role in the development of a concept known as Product Attribute Control (PAC) that aims to actively measure the attributes of biopharmaceuticals during manufacturing and provide real time process control. This concept has led to the development of novel processing and analytical technologies which will drive an improvement in product quality and a reduction in the cost associated with product release testing in the biopharmaceutical industry. Dean began his career working with medical devices at Allergan and then earned his Ph.D. and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Protein Engineering at the University of Washington Department of Bioengineering.

Dr. Jonathan Zhao is currently a founding partner of Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics. He brings his 17 years’ biopharmaceutical experience in the areas of Strategy Management, Business Development, Product Development and M&A. Dr. Zhao started his pharmaceutical career at Amgen in 1999, then joined Pfizer in 2004 and returned to Amgen in 2012. He was Executive Strategy Director at Global Commercial Operations of Amgen based in Thousand Oaks, California where he was leading the market entry strategy, business development and commercialization of biosimilars in 20 countries outside US and EU. When at Pfizer, he was the Asia Strategy Lead overseeing the Asia strategy across small molecule, biologics and vaccine. He had also served as the interim head of Pfizer’s Bio-enhancement Development Unit during 2009-2010 in charge of the biosimilar and biobetter strategy development and business operation.

Dr. Zhao received his B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Fudan University (Shanghai, China), Ph.D. magna cum laude in Analytical Chemistry from Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium), and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA). Jonathan has contributed more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.

“Leveraging innovative technologies and platforms, Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics is able to eradicate hurdles that block access to treatment by providing biologics that are affordable and in excellent quality.”

Jonathan Zhao